Oktoberfest 2018 - The famous beer festival of the year

This year we celebrate the 18th anniversary of Legend Beer biggest event of the year - Legend Beer Oktoberfest 2018.
Oktoberfest - the annual festival in October . This is  the biggest beer festival at Legend Beer every year. This is a space-themed beer festival of the Oktoberfest in Germany - the traditional and oldest beer festival in the world.
OKTOBERFEST 2018 promises to bring many surprises.
Information of Oktoberfest 2018:
- Time: 6PM - 10 PM (October 4th &5th ,2018)
- Location: Legend Beer Brew House - No. 4 Vu Ngoc Phan Str., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi.
Specil activity:
- Lucky Draw.
- Mini game.

- Live music.
The presents:
- 1st prize: Gift voucher VND 5,000,000.
- 2nd prize: Gifr voucher VND 3,000,000
- 3rd prize: Gift voucher VND 1,000,000
And there are many other presents.
Reservations: 02437761666/02462930808
Sponsorship benefits:
- Logo on facebook cover, the post on fanpage.
- PR on the website: legendbeerbrewhouse.com
- Logo and product images appear in TVC on the 500-inch LED screen
- Introduced and thanked by MC
Contact Ms Thuong: 0969555812
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