Legend Beer

Founded in 2000, Legend Beer is a traditional Beer Brand’s German  in Vietnam's first cooking and selling beer at the store.
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Legend beer is cooked on a closed production line technology modern equipment and material 100% imported from the Federal Republic of Germany.
Welcome to Legend Beer, the customers enjoyed fresh beer from the famous land of Bavaria - southern Germany such as: Lager beer, Munich beer, Dunkel beer, Weizen beer ... 
Get the taste of draft beer is a source of creative inspiration, the restaurant's menu is rich and diverse. Here, you can freely choose the Euro cuisine and Asian cuisine characteristics are processed by experienced chef’s. Especially you also enjoy the traditional German dishes such as stewed pork thing, grilled German sausages ...
With more than 18 years of development, Legend Beer conquered the domestic and foreign customers because us maxim is "Quality & Responsibility to Customer’s Health”. We are the most obvious expression of commitment from the selection of materials, the sophistication of processing and Constant innovation brings customers impressive and good health.

Our Brands
  1. Legend Beer Brew House
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With an ideal ground nearly 1000 m2 with the harmonious design of the space, Legend Beer Brewhouse is the connection style creative elite salons of German beer traditions over hundreds of years. With this outstanding investment Legend beer Brewhouse is the most modern luxury in Vietnam. Theater system and modern sound, Legend Brewhouse beer gives you inspiration and great relaxation while enjoying the fresh golden beer cool, the amazing food, the uniq ue musical repertoire or football games pinnacle be broadcast live on 01 big screens 500inch.
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A fresh beer hall style characteristic of the Germans are ready to welcome you!
With the philosophy "Restaurants Legend beer always satisfy customers", we invite you to enjoy and feel.
Honored and welcome visitors at Legend beer toast!
  1. Legend Beer Restaurant
 Legend Beer Restaurant which was set up in 2004 is located in the center of Hanoi’s old quarter and beside Hoan Kiem Lake, with the area of 300 m2 and the capacity of 100 seats. The restaurant with the classic style design has a beautiful open – air balcony where customers can enjoy the dream like view of Hoan Kiem Lake and bustling people streams around timeless ancient roofs.
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Legend Beer Restaurant serves not only excellen European food such as Grilled lamp chop, pork rib BBQ, stew pork thigh with cream sauce, grilled Norwegian salmon with passion fruit sauce... but also 150 kinds of Asian food, esspecially traditional Vietnamese food such as Pho, Vietnamese spring roll...
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With the excellent combination of European and Asian Food and the multiform and pentiful menu of food which are processed skillfully by the chefs with more than 12 years working experience and served by professional staff, Legend Beer Restaurant is definitely an un- ignorable resting place in your journey to Hanoi.
The best place to enjoy the view of the restaurant in Hanoi

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